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ed2go Online Continuing Education Courses

ed2go is the name of the program used at MCC to administer online continuing-education classes. Visit the ed2go Web site, and follow the instructions below to get started:

Click on the course you're interested in to view a course description and schedule. You can register through our secure web site. Student must have an email address to get their account setup. Fill out the registration form and bring along with your registration fee (Cash, Check or Money Order payable to MCC) to Building 2-Office 35 for payment or mail to Martin Community College-Attn: Continuing Education- 1161 Kehukee Park Road -Williamston, NC 27892. When you submit your completed registration you will receive an e-mail with instructions on how to access the classroom web site. To be officially enrolled in a course, students must log on and complete Quiz 1 by the first Friday of a course. Also, students must complete 9 out of 12 quizzes and pass the final exam with a grade of 70 or better. Failure to meet both requirements will result in a grade of "U" or unsatisfactory.

These are Continuing Education courses and are not offered for college credit nor are they transferable to curriculum programs leading to associate degrees, diplomas, or certificates. Continuing Education Units (CEUs) may be awarded for successful completion of a course at the rate of one CEU for each ten hours of scheduled course time. These courses award 2.4 CEUs.

Lessons are posted twice a week (on Wednesdays and Fridays) but you may access the lesson any time for up to a week after it is posted. There is no in-state or out-of-state difference in prices. Most courses are only $65.

Please note course requirements as to specific software that may be required for a particular course. Also some courses, because of the complexity of the course content, may carry prerequisites. These prerequisites have been established as a guide to help ensure a student has the background to successfully complete a course. It will be up to the student to determine if he/she has met the prerequisites.

For more information please contact the MCC Division of Continuing Education at 252-789-0248.