Technical Help (Online Classes)

A Web technology known as "Blackboard" is used to deliver your online (or partially online) courses to you through the Internet. You have sometimes have problems accessing it or your MCC e-mail account.

How Do I Login to Blackboard?

To logon to Blackboard or your MCC e-mail account, you must have a username and password. To figure out your username and password, please reference the MCC E-mail Access page. That page has instructions on devising your username and password.

Your username is the same for Blackboard and your e-mail account, but your password can be different on each system. That is, changing your e-mail password does not change your Blackboard password and vice-versa; you must manage each of these passwords individually. For your convenience, you may want to set all your passwords to be the same so that you must remember only one password instead of two separate passwords.

I Am Having Problems With Blackboard!

If you are having technical problems with Blackboard, call the Blackboard Assistance/Support number at 1-866-833-2953. The number is available twenty-four hours a day and seven days a week.

However, if you have questions about your assignments, your grades, or other specifics about a course, please contact the instructor of the course. The toll-free number is designed to address only technical problems.

I Forgot My Password!

If you forget the password to your MCC e-mail account, please call the MCC E-mail Support Line at 252-789-0300. You will be asked for your MCC student ID number, so please have it ready when you call. If your call is after 5:00 PM during a business day or any time on a weekend, please leave your name and number, and an attendant will call you back as soon as possible.

If you are able to log into your MCC e-mail account but cannot log into your Blackboard account, then you can use Blackboard to reset your password. Use the "Forgot My Password" utility in Blackboard to have your Blackboard password reset. You will need to be able to access your MCC e-mail account to reset your Blackboard password.

If you still cannot login to Blackboard, call the Blackboard Assistance/Support number at 1-866-833-2953 or the MCC E-mail Support Line at 252-789-0300.

What Is My E-mail Address?

Your MCC e-mail address is as follows: your first initial, last initial, the last five digits of your student ID, and then the phrase The following is an example:

Do I Need Anything Else?

For optimal performance in your online classes, download and install the following free-of-charge browser plug-ins and helper applications (some of which you may already have):

In addition, most of your classes will require word-processing software, presentation software, and spreadsheet software, such as Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, Google Docs, etc.